Thank you very much and see you again Blacker san

Thank you very much and see you again  Blacker san_f0050534_07423858.jpg

Thank you very much and see you again  Blacker san_f0050534_07391634.jpg

Thank you very much and see you again  Blacker san_f0050534_07385318.jpg
After arriving at Blacker's house, the hardest task of the trip awaited us: visiting the grave of Blacker, who passed away in February. Several people from Japan asked me to visit, and I brought a lot of flowers. A former subordinate, a secretary, and someone from Tourism Australia. They said, ‘What are you doing buying so many flowers at the supermarket?’ I bought so many flowers that people said, ‘What are you going to do with all those flowers in the supermarket? Mr Blacker's grave was in the village cemetery in the corner of St Albans, the village where we live.
When I saw the grave marker, which still looked sober, I realised that he was really gone.

Until I came to the cemetery, I thought that he was actually alive and would come out of the bush riding his horse saying ‘Konnichiwa Masasan’.
But when his wife Jane put his favourite hat on the gravestone and laid flowers on it, I had to accept all the facts!
And I didn't know what to do from a Christian point of view, so I put my hands together in a Buddhist way and prayed to his soul and told him a lot of things.
And I was allowed to photograph him with his beloved Land Cruiser.

Everything from the August afternoon in 1995 when I first met him to today has been running like a lantern. But I felt that although his body is gone, his spirit lives on here in Australia. So I decided to trust that this time he would follow me on my journey!

Blackerさんのお家に到着後 今回の旅で一番つらい仕事が待っています。2月に亡くなられたBlackerさんのお墓参りです。日本から何人かの方に頼まれて、お花をたくさん持って伺いました。元部下、秘書の方、そしてオーストラリア政府観光局の方。「スーパーであなたそんなにお花買って、どうするの?」と言われるぐらいお花を買いました。ブラッカーさんのお墓は家のある村 St Albansの一角の村営墓地にありました。

墓地に来るまでは、実は生きていて「コンニチワ マササン」と言って馬に乗りながらブッシュから出てくるのではないだろうかと思っていました。



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They were then joined by their eldest son, Richard, for an enjoyable dinner of reminiscences of Mr Blacker. Dinner was roast pork made by Jane. We talked for hours over a glass of wine.
By the way, his eldest son, Richard, used to live in Japan and used to DJ and spin plates in Shibuya. During the dinner, he said many times that he wanted to go back to Japan.


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Thank you very much and see you again  Blacker san_f0050534_18400500.jpg

When the meal was over, Jane and her eldest son, Richard, took me to Mr Blacker's study, saying, ‘Masa, I have something for you’. His wife told me to take his favourite hat back to Japan to give it to him as a remembrance of him. It was very, very hard for me to hold back my tears. After completing a test and promotional shoot for Fujifilm's new XF18-135mm lens in Tasmania in June 2014, I stopped by his farm to take a photo under the theme ‘A day in the life of Mr Blacker’. This was one of the photos I took. The whole family told me that they chose this photo because it was the one that was the most like him, admirable, strong and farmer-like. I was also shown a small booklet from the funeral service. It was also my photograph. I had been grateful for all he had done for me, but I felt I couldn't repay him in the end, but seeing this booklet and his portrait, I felt I could repay him a little. And my photos are good, I told him.

When I went to bed at night, the interior of the remote house where I am staying is also decorated with many of my Australian artworks.
8 May I fell asleep surrounded by memories and gratitude.

And Blackadder, let's meet again sometime, somewhere in the Outback! I'll be waiting for you.

そして食事が終わるころ、Janeさんと長男のRichardさん「マサ 渡したいものがある」とBlackerさんの書斎に連れて行ってくれました。そこで彼の愛用していた帽子を奥様から「彼の思い出として、さし上げるので日本に持って帰って」と言われました。僕は涙をこらえるのが、とてもとても大変でした。そして書斎で驚いたのが、彼の遺影の写真は、僕が撮影したものでした。2014年6月タスマニアで富士フイルムの新発売予定のレンズXF18-135mmのテスト&プロモーション撮影を終えた後、彼の農場に立ち寄り「Blackerさんの1日」というテーマで撮影させてもらった中の1枚でした。ご家族全員で「いちばん彼らしくて、立派で、強さを感じ、そしてファーマーらしかった写真だったからこの写真を選んだ」と言われた。さらに小さぅつぃを見せていただいた、それはご葬儀の会葬の小冊子。これも僕の写真だった。たくさんお世話になったけど、最後に恩返しができないと思っていたが、この小冊子と遺影写真を見て、少しだけ恩返し出来た感じだ。そして僕の写真は上手でしょと、彼に語り掛けた

5月8日 思い出と感謝に包まれて眠りについた。


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