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PENTAX 645 200mm FUJIFILM velvia50

吉野山 奈良県


Sakura Dance
Mount Yoshino (Yoshino yama)
Nara Prefecture, Japan

I think Yoshino yama is the best place for Sakura in Japan. Japanese aristocrats would have viewed Sakura hundreds of years ago. Sake often accompanies the Sakura viewing party. When petals of Sakura get in the sake cup and float, it makes sake tastier. I often ended up drinking too much as a result. I hear that the doctor’s surgeries are busier with patients with serious cases of hangover during this season.

The Wildeness Gallery木霊写真展 sakura _f0050534_745252.jpg

PENTAX 645 200mm Velvia50

吉野山 奈良県


Sakura in Full Bloom
Mount Yoshino (Yoshino yama)
Nara Prefecture, Japan

Nara is one of the ancient capitals of Japan. In Nara there are many deer and they are considered as messengers from god. Many walk along the road in the evening. If you don’t pay attention, you may cause a frontal collision. In Australia, it would be kangaroos. But in Japan, it is deer and in Tokyo, it is the traffic police motorcycles. I am very cautious when I drive.

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